BUS 309 Week 8 Assignment 2, Workplace Ethics


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BUS 309 Week 8 Assignment 2, Workplace Ethics

The right to bear arms is clearly stated in the 2nd Amendment. Exactly where a licensed gun carrier can legally take his or her gun is more an ambiguous concept. Recent violent activity by unlicensed, and in some cases mentally ill perpetrators have fueled the debate as to when and where it is legal to have a gun. Guns are not the threat, people are I have yet to see a firearm jump up and shoot anyone! There is always a person behind the firearm doing the deed, not the firearm.

Proponents of the gun movement state that some of the recent mass killings with guns may have been quelled by licensed gun owners ready to defend themselves and others in these types of situations. But, there is no way of determining how these events may have played out under different circumstances………….Continued (08 Pages with References)

BUS 309 Week 8 Assignment