BUS 300 Week 5 Quiz 4 Chapter 7 and 8 – Question and Answers


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BUS 300 Week 5 Quiz 4 Chapter 7 and 8

  1. The overriding concern the SEC has is that bus 300 week 5 quiz 4
  2. According to the Copyright Act of 1976, an “original work of authorship” has protection from the moment the work is in which of the following “fixed forms”?
  3. How does advice to clients from lawyers differ from advice given clients by public relations practitioners?
  4. A body of law that is particularly relevant to public relations writers centers around
  5. Litigation public relations is an outgrowth of all the media attention given to legal proceedings and requires intelligent use of acceptable, ethical public relations practices, including
  6. In 2006, cartoons about the prophet Muhammad run by an obscure Danish newspaper were
  7. The umbrella term to describe slander and libel is
  8. Every public company has an obligation to deal frankly, comprehensively, and immediately with any information that is considered ________ for a decision to buy, sell, or even hold the organization’s stock.
  9. The Federal Ethics in Government Act
  10. What new issue apparently arose in the litigation of Sidell vs. Structured Settlement Investments?
  11. A passerby filmed for the movie “Borat” sued the producer Sacha Baron Cohen for defamation, but lost because
  12. A word, symbol, or slogan …..alone or in combination to identify a product or sponsor is
  13. One person’s definition of obscenity
  14. Assume an employee is ….for committing an illegal act.  The employer announces the cause for the firing in an accurately written e-mail. The court agrees the content of the e-mail is true; yet, it rules that the employee was libeled. The ruling challenges the long-standing belief that bus 300 week 5 quiz 4
  15. When copyrighted material is …..for purposes of criticism, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research, that constitutes
  16. Of the types of random sampling used, ________ sampling is a procedure that surveys different segments of the targeted population
  17. Which of the following is a type of unobtrusive method of data collection?
  18. If you expect to have a well-organized focus group, avoid doing which of the following?
  19. Interviews are a type of
  20. From theoretical research in communications, we have learned that
  21. Research is the natural starting point in public relations for all EXCEPT which of the following?
  22. In terms of consumer-generated media, Web analytics measure bus 300 week 5 quiz 4
  23. In public relations research, the most frequently used type of convenience sample is a
  24. Suggestions for an effective questionnaire include
  25. A communications audit is design to help an organization
  26. In professional work, research should be……
  27. Elements in a survey include
  28. The type of interview where opinion leaders are ….waves of questions is a
  29. Among the primary forms of public relations research, ________ tend to reveal differences in the ways management and target audiences view communications materials, media, messages, and methods
  30. Compared to traditional research, Web research includesbus 300 week 5 quiz 4