BUS 300 Week 2 Quiz 1 Chapters 1 and 2 – Question and Answers


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BUS 300 Week 2 Quiz 1 Chapters 1 and 2

  1. Evidence of the prominence of public relations includes:
  2. Savvy individuals and institutions must recognize the importance
  3. In a 2004 study by the search firm Heyman Associates, which of the following was NOT a characteristic of successful PR leaders?
  4. Which of the following are among the five actions Professor Melvin Sharpe indicates can “harmonize” relations between individuals and organizations?
  5. To effectively communicate with a public, it is important to recognize that
  6. Twisting messages to create the impression of performance is
  7. If you target “experiences,” you’re likely using ________ to segment a public.
  8. Which of the following distinguishes the R-O-S-I-E formula from other formula that summarize the PR process?
  9. What happened to Don Imus indicates that bus 300 week 2 quiz
  10. Public relations consultants for politicians should point out the importance of the uncommitted public because
  11. In John Marston’s R-A-C-E process, the key step is
  12. The government affairs function of public relations bus 300 week 2 quiz
  13. According to Fraser Seitel, which of the following does NOT describe an aspect of the public relations function?
  14. Which is NOT a key technical skill a public relations professional should possess?
  15. A function related to public relations that includes creating sales literature, meeting displays and promotions is
  16. The attitude of business leaders that the “public be damned” ushered in the need for
  17. Known as the ________ they were a group of ________ who tackled the abuses of American industrialists, exposing deplorable and unsafe conditions.
  18. Perhaps one reason publicity and press a gentry are too often considered synonymous stems from
  19. Which of the following are indications of the growth of global democracy, public opinion and capitalism?
  20. Some scholars consider ________ the forerunner to today’s White House press secretary because of the duties he performed for Andrew Jackson.
  21. Which major trend below is contributing to the evolution of the practice of public relations in the U.S.?
  22. Which of the following has made knowledge of and facility with the Internet a front-burner necessity for practitioners?
  23. The growth of public relations as an accepted business-like practice in the United States of America stems from
  24. American flirtations with public relations techniques began around the founding of the ________ when ________.
  25. During World War I and World War II, public relations techniques to help mobilize United States citizens to support war efforts were used by the
  26. A conspicuous, but often negative, public relations practice that took hold in the 1880s was
  27. Principles developed by Ivy Lee in working with the press on behalf of business included bus 300 week 2 quiz
  28. In the 21st century, recognition of the value of knowing what public relations is about comes from
  29. Archaeologists inform us that public relations has roots in bus 300 week 2 quiz
  30. A principal contribution to the field of public relations made by Ivy Ledbetter Lee was