BIS 221 Week 1 MS Word 2016 Quiz


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BIS 221 Week 1 MS Word 2016 Quiz (20 Task and Answers)

Display the Word Count dialog box and include words in text boxes, endnotes, and footnotes in the count.

Show the formatting marks in the document and then hide them again.

Italicize the word “every” in the last.paragraph in the document.

At the beginning of the document,change the font size of the “About. Dog Training Programs” heading to

In the first body paragraph, change the font of the words “Dog training programs” to Comic Sans MS.

Insert a built-in bibliography without a preformatted heading in the blank paragraph at the end of the document.

At the end of the sentence at the bottom of page 2, before the period, insert a citation to the Hill, Jean source.

At the current insertion point, insert the picture file named Training Dogs.png from the Pictures folder

Change the paragraph spacing of the first body paragraph to 0 points of spacing before the paragraph and 6 points of spacing after the paragraph.

Apply the first bullet option to the 5 paragraphs that begin with “Comfortable around animals?” and end with “Still interested?…”bis 221 week 1