BIOS 252 Midterm Exam Study Guide


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BIOS 252 Midterm Exam Study Guide – Anatomy and Physiology

Chapter 11

  1. Muscles
  2. Gastrocnemius
  3. Muscles that make up the Hamstrings
  4. Tibialis
  5. Brachialis
  6. Deltoid

Chapter 12

  1. Types of myelinated fibers
  2. Types of unmyelinated fibers

Chapter 13

  1. Meninges and spaces associated with them
  2. External Anatomy of the spinal cord
  3. Internal Anatomy of the spinal cord
  4. Plexus-network of axons.
  5. Muscle Fatigue
  6. Description of different muscle types
  7. Steps in contraction cycle-
  8. Neurotransmitter removal from Synapse
  9. Contributions to Resting Membrane Potential
  10. Description of Cross-sectional anatomy of spinal cord-
  11. Description of External anatomy of spinal cord


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