BIAM 530 Week 2 Homework Answers


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BIAM 530 Week 2 Homework Answers

In this Lab, you will create an entity relationship diagram (ERD) for a portion of a database that a veterinary clinic might use to keep track of clients, veterinarians, patients, appointments, and procedures.

The major entities involved in this database design are listed below.

  • Clients (humans)
  • Patients (animals)
  • Veterinarians
  • Appointments
  • Procedures (veterinary procedures, such as tests or treatments performed during appointments)

Below are the business rules that apply to these entities.

  • Each Client owns zero or many Patients; each Patient is owned by exactly one Client.
  • Each-Patient can have zero or many Appointments; each Appointment is for exactly one Patient.
  • Each-Appointment is with exactly one Veterinarian; each Veterinarian can have zero or many Appointments.
  • Each-Procedure can be …..during zero or many Appointments; each Appointment can include the performance of zero or many Procedures.

Complete and submit the Week 2 Lab: Relationships and Normalization. A complete set of instructions is under the Lab content item.biam 530 week 2


biam 530 week 2


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