ACC 564 Week 9 Quiz 4


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ACC 564 Week 9 Quiz 4 (Chapter 14, 15, 16, 17)

  1. The logical structure of a database is described by the
  2. The schema that provides an organization-wide view of the entire database is known as the
  3. A set of individual user views of the database is called the
  4. A low-level view of the database that describes how the data are actually stored and accessed is the
  5. Record layouts, definitions, addresses, and indexes will be stored at the ________ level schema.
  6. The ________ contains information about the structure of the database.
  7. Which of the following would 
  8. The data dictionary usually is maintained
  9. Reports produced using the data dictionary could include all of the followin
  10. Which statement below concerning the database management system (DBMS) i
  11. Which would not generally be considered a data dictionary output report?
  12. Creating an empty table in a relational database requires use of the ________, and populating that table requires the use of ________.
  13. When the human resources manager wants to gather data about vacation and personal day usage by employees and by departments, the manager would use which language?
  14. If a national sales tax were implemented, which language would be used to add a new field in the sales table to track the sales tax due?
  15. The feature in many database systems that simplifies the creation of reports by allowing users to specify the data elements desired and the format of the output. is named the
  16. The abstract representation of the contents of a database is called the
  17. The problem of changes (or updates) to data values in a database being incorrectly recorded is known as
  18. The potential inconsistency that could occur when there are multiple occurrences of a specific data item in a database is called the
  19. Inability to add new data to a database without violating the basic integrity of the database is referred to as the
  20. A relational database in which customer data is not maintained independently of sales invoice data will most likely result in
  21. The problem of losing desired information from a database when an unwanted record is purged from the database is referred to as the ________ anomaly.
  22. The delete anomaly
  23. The update anomaly in file-based systems or unnormalized database tables
  24. In a relational database, requiring that every record in a table have a unique identifier is called the
  25. The database requirement that foreign keys must be null or have a value corresponding to the value of a primary key in another table is formally called the
  26. In a well-structured database, the constraint that ensures the consistency of the data is known as the
  27. Which statement below is false regarding the basic requirements of the relational data model?
  28. Identify the aspect of a well-structured database that is
  29. In the database design approach known as normalization, the first assumption made about data is
  30. The database design method in which a designer uses knowledge about business processes to create a diagram of the elements to be included in the database is called

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