ACC 564 Week 5 Quiz 2


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ACC 564 Week 5 Quiz 2 (Chapter 6, 7, 8, 9)

  1. Which of the following is not a method of identify theft?
  2. Which of the following is the easiest method for a computer criminal to steal output without ever being on the premises?
  3. The deceptive method by which a perpetrator gains access to the system by pretending to be an authorized user is called
  4. The unauthorized access to, and use of, computer systems is known as
  5. Which method of fraud is physical in its nature rather than electronic?
  6. A fraud technique that slices off tiny amounts from many projects is called the ________ technique.
  7. Data diddling is
  8. Spyware is
  9. The unauthorized use of special system programs to bypass regular system controls and perform illegal act is called
  10. Computer fraud perpetrators that modify programs during systems development. Allowing access into the system that bypasses normal system controls are using
  11. A fraud technique that allows a perpetrator to bypass normal system controls and enter a secured system is called
  12. A set of unauthorized computer instructions in an otherwise properly functioning program is known as a acc 564 week 5 quiz
  13. A ________ is similar to a ________, except that it is a program rather than a code segment hidden in a host program.
  14. Wally Hewitt is an accountant with a large accounting firm. The firm has a very strict policy of requiring all users to change their passwords every sixty days. In early March, Wally received an email from the firm that explained. That there had been an error updating his password and that provided a link to a Web site with instructions for re-entering his password. Something about the email made Wally suspicious, so he called the firm’s information technology department and found that the email was fictitious. The email was an example of
  15. Developers of computer systems often include a user name and password that is hidden in the system, just in case they need to get into the system and correct problems in the future. This is referred to as a
  16. In the 1960s, techniques were developed that allowed individuals to fool the phone system into providing free access to long distance phone calls. The people who use these methods are referred to as acc 564 week 5 quiz
  17. During a routine audit, a review of cash receipts and related accounting entries revealed discrepancies. Upon further analysis, it was found that figures had been entered correctly and then subsequently changed, with the difference diverted to a fictitious customer account. This is an example of
  18. Chiller451 was chatting online with 3L3tCowboy. “I can’t believe how lame some people are! 🙂 I can get into any system by checking out the company web site to see how user names are defined and who is on the employee directory. Then, all it takes is brute force to find the password.” Chiller451 is a ________ and the fraud he is describing is ________.
  19. After graduating from college with a communications degree, Sylvia Placer experienced some difficulty in finding full-time employment. She free-lanced during the summer as a writer and then started a blog in the fall. Shortly thereafter she was contacted by Clickadoo Online Services, who offered to pay her to promote their clients by mentioning them in her blog and linking to their Web sites. She set up several more blogs for this purpose and is now generating a reasonable level of income. She is engaged in acc 564 week 5 quiz
  20. Telefarm Industries is a telemarketing firm that operates in the Midwest. The turnover rate among employees is quite high. Recently, the information technology manager discovered that an unknown employee had used a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to access the firm’s database and copy a list of customers from the past three years that included credit card information. Telefarm was a victim of acc 564 week 5 quiz
  21. Jim Chan decided to Christmas shop online. He linked to, found a perfect gift for his daughter, registered, and placed his order. It was only later that he noticed that the Web site’s URL was actually Jim was a victim of
  22. Computers that are part of a botnet and are controlled by a bot herder are referred to as
  23. Jiao Jan had been the Web master for Folding Squid Technologies for only three months when the Web site was inundated with access attempts. The only solution was to shut down the site and then selectively open it to access from certain Web addresses. FST suffered significant losses during the period. The company had been the victim of a(an) acc 564 week 5 quiz
  24. Jiao Jan had been the Web master for Folding Squid Technologies for only three months when he received an anonymous email that threatened to inundate the company Web site with access attempts unless a payment was wired to an account in Eastern Europe. Jiao was concerned that FST would suffer significant losses if the threat was genuine. The author of the email was engaged in
  25. Mo Chauncey was arrested in Emporia, Kansas, on February 29, 2008, for running an online business that specialized in buying and reselling stolen credit card information. Mo was charged with
  26. I work in the information technology department of a company I’ll call CMV. On Wednesday morning, I arrived at work, scanned in my identity card and punched in my code. This guy in a delivery uniform came up behind me carrying a bunch of boxes. I opened the door for him, he nodded and went on in. I didn’t think anything of it until later. Then I wondered if he might have been acc 564 week 5 quiz
  27. The call to tech support was fairly routine. A first-time computer user had purchased a brand new PC two months ago and it was now operating much more slowly and sluggishly than it had at first. Had he been accessing the Internet? Yes. Had he installed any “free” software? Yes. The problem is likely to be a(an)
  28. In November of 2005 it was discovered that many of the new CDs distributed by Sony BMG installed software when they were played on a computer. The software was intended to protect the CDs from copying. Unfortunately, it also made the computer vulnerable to attack by malware run over the Internet. The scandal and resulting backlash was very costly. The software installed by the CDs is a
  29. Which of the following would be least effective to reduce exposure to a computer virus?

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