ACC 460 Week 5 Team Problem, Exercise, Presentation


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ACC 460 Week 5 Learning Team Ch. 15 Problem: Private College Transactions
Complete questions 15-17, a and b.

ACC 460 Week 5 Learning Team Key Concepts Presentation
Create a slide presentation of 10 to 12 slides.

Address the following:
Examine FASB financial reporting requirements for a private college.
Apply basics of GAAP pertaining to categorizing restrictions on net assets.
Evaluate whether the entity is subject to the requirements of the Single Audit Act and the provisions of Office of Management and Budget.

ACC460 Week 5 Ch. 15 Question Assignment
Complete Question 15-1, p. 632, in approximately 30 to 90 words.

ACC 460 Week 5 Ch. 16 Exercise: Revenue and Related Transactions
Complete Exercise 16-19, a and b, p. 679.

ACC460 Week 5 Library Assignment
Research a current article regarding accounting in government. Write a summary of the article in 350 to 700 words. Apply concepts you’ve learned in this course to assessing the content of the article and any outcomes the article describes.acc 460 week 5

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