ACC 290 Week 1 Financial Statement Analysis, Columbia Sports Wear Vs VF Corporation


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ACC 290 Week 1 Individual Assignment, Financial Statement Analysis – Columbia Sports Wear Company vs VF Corporation

ACC 290 Week 1 Chapter 8 Comparative Analysis Problem (Word and Excel Format)

The average collection period estimates the number of days it takes to collect the credit sales as cash. From the analysis, VF has a minimum turnover ratio which implies that the receivable of the company take less time to be collected as cash rather that credit sales are turned into cash much faster in VF than in Sportswear Company. Company credit policies affect and have got profound effects on the net sales and accounts receivable. If the company employs loose credit terms, the company revenues will be affected and thus reported income on the consolidated financial statements. It is crucial for Corporations to facilitate cash collection from credit sales given to customers. Changes in these accounting practices have to be disclosed and failure to do so will result in violations of the accounting practices. The two companies operating in the industry of outdoor………………