BUS 599 Week 6 Assignment 2, Marketing Plan



BUS 599 Week 6 Assignment 2, Marketing Plan

The main target market for Freshi products is Brooklyn population. However, the company also targets the whole of New York state population and the United States as a whole. New York state has over 19.7 million residents which represent 5% of the total population in America. The products are targeted to meet the tastes of different type of consumer despite their age. However, the product majorly targets the young people in schools and colleges and also the general public. This population comes from all ethnics groups in the United States. The target consumers include both male and female in the population. The products will be differentiated and customized to meet varying needs of all the social classes in America. The beverages will also be packed in different sizes to meet different needs that is, ready to consume and take home……… 


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