PSY 320 Human Motivation, Complete from Week 1 to 5

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PSY/320 Human Motivation

PSY 320 Week 1

Individual Assignment, Motivation Concepts Table

Individual Assignment, Motivation Theory Analysis Paper

Discussion Question 1: How has the motivational environment changed in the past 20 years?

Discussion Question 2: Why must today's managers understand and utilize various motivational strategies?

Discussion Question 3: Can human beings be motivated?

Discussion Question 4: Does motivation come only from within?

PSY 320 Week 2

Individual Assignment, Workplace Motivation Paper

Discussion Question 1: What are some of the characteristics of work itself that can be inherently motivating—such as variety, challenge, decision-making authority, pride in ownership, sense of progress, closure, or customer interface?

Discussion Question 2: Describe some intrinsic and extrinsic motivators that are offered at your job.

Discussion Question 3: Why do extrinsic motivators tend to lose their motivating properties in the long term?

PSY 320 Week 3

Assignment, References for Week 5 paper (Wal-Mart)

Discussion Question 1: How can you assess employee needs to tailor effective rewards?

Discussion Question 2: What are the pros and cons of group versus individual incentive programs?

Discussion Question 3: Can rewards be ineffective and reduce or inhibit productivity or performance?

PSY 320 Week 4

Individual Assignment, Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment Paper

Individual Assignment, Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment Power Point

Discussion Question 1: How do you use goal-setting in your organization?

Discussion Question 2: Do you have written goals for this year?

Discussion Question 3: What factors, such as the organization's needs, time, resources, employee sophistication, and the job need, do you consider when setting a goal?

Discussion Question 4: What is the impact of goal-setting on employee motivation?

PSY 320 Week 5

Team Assignment, Company Motivational Profile Paper (Wal-Mart)

Team Assignment, Company Motivational Profile Power Point (Wal-Mart)

Discussion Question 1: Why is trust so critical to the implementation of all the motivational applications?

Discussion Question 2: How does effective communication impact the motivational climate of an organization?

Discussion Question 3: How does the quality of leadership impact motivation?

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