ACCT 344 Week 6 Quiz

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ACCT 344 Week 6 Quiz

1. (TCO 5) Which is NOT a component of the master budget?

2. (TCO 5) The budgets that are comprehensive financial plans made up of various individual departmental and activity budgets are the

3. (TCO 5) The budget committee

4. (TCO 5) Which is a financial budget?

5. (TCO 5) When budgets are used for control,

6. (TCO 5) Flexible budgets do NOT provide

7. (TCO 5) Volume variances examine differences between

8. (TCO 5) Goal congruence means

9. (TCO 5) Participative budgeting has which potential problem?

10. (TCO 5) Bored Manufacturing has projected the following. Which is the total amount of overhead included in the overhead budget?

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