ACCT 344 Week 5 Quiz

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ACCT 344 Week 5 Quiz

1. (TCO 7) A common cost occurs

2. (TCO 7) Which would be the most appropriate base for allocating the costs of the housekeeping department?

3. (TCO 7) The Ruling Company assigns plant administration costs to the production departments based on the
number of employees. Which would NOT be a good combination of common costs with an activity driver?

4. (TCO 7) Joint costs are allocated because of

5. (TCO 7) Which method allocates support department costs?

6. (TCO 7) Joint costs are

7. (TCO 7) Which method allocates joint production costs based on the pounds of product produced?

8. (TCO 7) DeeDee Corporation manufactures the following products in its factory. $400,000 of costs were incurred.How much joint cost would be allocated to Product A based on the physical units method?

9. (TCO 7) Sally Corporation manufactures four products. The following data were provided by the cost accountant for the current year.Which is the amount of joint costs assigned to Product L using the sales-value-at-split-off method?

10. (TCO 7) Lamb Inc. processes wool into four grades of yarn as follows.Which is the amount of joint costs assigned to Superwash Wool using the constant gross margin percentage method?

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